William Henry STRAHAN

Bill STRAHAN was an orchadist from Toodyay, Western Australia.

He derived his living from selling surplus grain, stock and fruit. William sold fruit in Toodyay, and during the construction of the railway line to the goldfields he also sold fruit to the workers on the line.

See Bill’s story here, including a poem – & – Hymn written by Bill Strahan (781)

Who died at Gallipoli? – Project started

PLC Archivist Shannon Lovelady learned in early June 2013 that the exact number of Western Australian men who died at Gallipoli is not known, but estimated at between 900-2500. In preparation for the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign, she invited WAGS WA Special Interest Group and others to collaborate on a project to determine the exact number of deaths.

See further detail in the About section – Who died at Gallipoli page (1207)